From UK mainland, Scottish Islands and Northern Ireland

Details of procedure if you have stamps for sale

(auction or private treaty)

Service is available for collections/accumulations with an open market value of at least £250 (or £500 outside UK mainland). If you are unsure, please ring (or write to) our buying department first, or e-mail

Collections service is provided by Parcelforce, though we may use other carriers from time to time. Once on their way to us, your goods are automatically insured for up to £5,000 at open market values. (If you need a higher limit, it will be arranged for you [free of charge] but you must let us know before the goods are in transit.)

Goods should be packed into suitable boxes, not more than 30kg weight each. We are charged per box and as such would appreciate your co-operation in sending fewer, rather than more boxes where possible. (Please do not bulk out the lots with: old catalogues, empty stockbooks and suchlike. In general these have little or no commercial value. A charity shop may appreciate them, however.)

We have a small pamphlet available on request, with tips on the best ways to pack.

When you are ready, or if you want further advice, ring and ask for Mrs Babington-Smith (Heather). Her direct dial number is 01342 830034. She works Monday-Friday 8.30am to 3.00pm. (If for any reason, she is not in the office, other members of staff can help you). She will need from you:

1) Confirmation that the goods are of a suitable value (see above)

(Or confirmation that we have already agreed to collect them.)

2) Address where package(s) may be collected from

3) Number of packages

4) Contact phone number (if available)

5) Date when you would like package(s) collected. (Min 24 hours notice required. It is not possible to arrange an exact time, but we may be able to fix either am or pm)


Did you know you can download our complete archive of auction catalogues and exclusive price lists online?

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British Antarctic Territory

Single, sets, m/s- on offer with Apex for less than Post Office prices.

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